New Reservation Policy Effective July 6, 2020.

Reservations for the week (Monday through Sunday) will become available on Sunday evenings.  RULES: Members may make up to 4 individual reservations during the one-week period.  Members may only make 1 reservation on weekends (between Friday 2:45 pm and Sunday evening).

Lap Chaperone reservations are for a non-swimming adult who is on deck supervising a child lap swimming (only one chaperone per reservation is permitted).

By making a reservation, you agree that 1.) you will not bring to the pool anyone who has had a fever in the 24 hours preceding the reservation time;  2.) families are responsible for enforcing social distancing from non-family members while at the club; 3.) all members of your party will abide by the pool rules and posted signs; 4.) you will depart the club promptly at the end of your reserved time to allow for clean-up and processing of the next group; and 5) you, and those attending Old Georgetown Club (OGC) with you, acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk you may be exposed to COVID-19, by attending OGC. You waive any claim against OGC, its agents and contractors for any COVID-19-related injury sustained as a result of attending OGC.  At this time, due to capacity restrictions, we are not admitting non-member guests.

Per County guidelines, pool-goers must wear a mask when interacting with non-family members on deck.  No masks should be worn while in the pool.